Kann man in einem Löffel Wasser ertrinken?

Ja, sagt David Weidner im Wall Street Journal: „To say the euro zone has bungled the crisis in Cyprus is an insult to bungling. Cyprian banks are undercapitalized, so central bankers and politicians want to respond by taxing depositors. Isn’t this something like fixing a car by taking away the tires? […] Sure, much of that deposit tax was aimed at Russians, but the Cypriots bank there, too. The EU has many more countries that represent a threat to the system than Cyprus, and you can bet the citizens of those countries are watching the draconian measures aimed at the tiny nation and saying: „We’re next.“ Cyprus is getting nothing from the EU. It should tell the union „nyet“ and take the Russian loans. The rates are better and the partnership stronger“
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